Updated: Feb. 1st, 2024

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Feb 1st, 2024

From Angie: Trey ? How do I know this is you …

From Trey: Well, I made this website. If it’s not Trey, this would indicate you’ve been hacked. Which is serious… You haven’t been hacked and you recently texted me “Happy Birthday” and I didn’t respond. – Jan 15th, 2024. – I’m sorry for that. 

From Angie: I was actually over here thinking that no one is smart enough that I know personally to send me a message this way except for him. Also checked the page to make sure I wasn’t being hacked, just in case. And no apologies. I totally understand and absolutely respect it. I didn’t want u to respond. Just wanted to acknowledge.

From Trey: You still give me some the best compliments on accident. I miss you. I started this thread because I still creep on your page and saw you just moved into a studio/salon spot!! Congratulations! Just wanted you to acknowledge….

From Angie: Thank you so much Trey ! That means a lot coming from you. I miss you as well. Talk about being a creep … I definitely sent Cory a message just to ask how you were doing. It’s weird how I worry sometimes. How’s everything been going with you ? Expecting soon ?

From Trey: I know, he showed me. I couldn’t do anything about it at the time. But it felt really good knowing that you cared enough to ask. The man has already been born Angie Dec. 28th! His name is Moses.

Check him out https://share.icloud.com/photos/0e4Z1QzHkJwldnZfvg-Ox4gpg

Also From Trey: Things have been okay. A lot changes happened in 2023.

From Angie: He’s beautiful, congratulations to you both. Why do you look so sad ? I know about changes trust me. My entire world was flipped upside down. Everything is looking up now. This will be a better year. You’re still in honeymoon stage … just “okay” ?

From Trey: I think I was actually just too focused on holding the camera and staring at the baby lol… But I mean, ya know I ended getting married…. and well that comes with its own challenges. 

From Angie: I was just in Indianapolis last week. I just got back early this Monday morning. Did 4 days. 

From Trey: I’m glad you didn’t let me know.. I would have liked to see you. 

From Angie: You can’t respond to my last message ??

From Trey: My apologies lol. I had to sleep and help out with Moses. 

From Trey: I dreamt about you last night.